billy mcguinness
In place of ignorance, apathy, fear and hatred, art is a means of connecting with other people, opening up to their experience, and building understanding. Inspired by the transient nature of conscious existence and the attendant preciousness of the present moment, through my work I seek to create human connections, while exploring and engaging with some of the most basic and most intolerable problems of contemporary culture: hunger, mass incarceration, poverty. Through a variety of mediums and processes, in solo work and collaborative projects, I reflect on and address the physical, spiritual and psychological consequences of public policy, how we meet or deny needs, alleviate or exacerbate suffering. My source materials – drips from a rack of soup kitchen coffee cups, dirt from the bottoms of shoes, handwritten letters, Internet downloads, Excel spreadsheets, food, my body, and society’s institutions – are visible aspects of something unseen, carrying the energy of something untouchable. Rearranging these traces, new forms emerge and new patterns are created, meditations on the value of life, the interconnectedness of all things, and the possibility of progress. Ultimately, I aim to discover and enact solutions and fundamentally disrupt the mechanisms of oppression and indifference.